WhatsApp tricks that will surprise you

At Katazu we have compiled the best tricks so you can get the most out of your WhatsApp chats. In the next few slides you will discover the best tricks, from how to send a message to yourself, give the most spectacular formats or even discover who visits your WhatsApp profile .

Send a message without adding the contact

On more than one occasion we have to send a specific WhatsApp to someone. The ‘legal’ way to do it is to first add that contact to the phone book and then you can create the char. Too much hassle for a single message, right?

There is a trick that avoids all that fuss. It is easy. Open your mobile web browser and enter the address wa.me/34XXXXXXXXX, that is, wa.me/ followed by the phone number plus international prefix (in the case of Spain, the prefix is ​​34). Press enter and this will open a WhatsApp chat with that contact without having to put it in the agenda.

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